More Ghost Stories

Where was this one from Oregon Live 3 weeks ago during halloween?\"She\'s described as a loving woman who liked to dress in blue. Nobody knows much about her, except that she was a dedicated librarian in Snohomish in the 1920s and \'30s.

So dedicated that some think she\'s still there.\"

\"As the story goes, it\'s Miss Catharine McMurchy who haunts the 1910 Carnegie building.\"

\"Children\'s service librarian Debbie Young found out about the haunting in 1991 as she was taking a break in the staff room.\"

\"I was sitting in a little cove area, eating my lunch and reading a book, when I heard something come clumping down the stairs,\" Young said, referring to stairs to a loft storage area.\"

\"I put my book down and got up to look, and I saw an older woman walk to the door and exit the room.\"

\"I thought, \'Oh my gosh. It\'s a library patron who doesn\'t know that this area is off limits to everyone but employees.\' So I followed her.\"

\"But when Young got to the door and opened it, the woman was nowhere to be seen.\"

\"I looked down the hall and walked over to the stairway to look down to the main floor, and I didn\'t see anyone who looked like the woman I saw. I thought that was kind of funny because an elderly woman couldn\'t have possibly moved that fast.\"

\"Young went to the main desk and asked co-workers if they\'d seen the woman.\"

\"They said, \'I guess you\'ve met the ghost of the library,\' \" she said.\"

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