Author Dan Brown courted controversy, then capitalized on it


The Houston Chronicle says Anyone out there who hasn't read The Da Vinci Code — and with 25 million in sales and climbing, who would that be? — take note: Its secrets are revealed In This Article. Little-known after his previous three books, Brown has emerged at the center of yet another polarizing debate in America's culture wars. Is The Da Vinci Code an entertaining thriller that also allows readers to feel they've learned a bit about religion, art history, even mathematics? Or is it an insidious attack on nearly 2,000 years of Christian tradition, thinly veiled as fiction?


I can't believe the Da Vinci Code warrants a spoiler alert at this point. I knew the "controversial secrets" long in advance of reading it. Picked it up one day when I had "nothing to read"--any sacred text would have been more interesting, Bible, Koran, or Popol Vuh. At least they have depth.

Reminded me a little of Waking the Moon by Elizabeth Hand, another boring mystery; goddess worship; not something I'd recommend. Will take a rain check on "religious" quasi-mysteries for some time to come.

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