Voter Apathy Extends to ALA Members


Daniel writes "A recent announcement on the ALA-Chapters Relations Office List documents the mediocre turnout in the current ALA Election (see below):

Voter turnout under 20% that has lasted weeks is 'apathy incarnate'. If this is the way we vote in our association election, let's be less judgmental about people who aren't voting in local, state, and national elections."Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 08:43:14 -0500
        Subject: [ALACRO-L:2885] 2005 ALA Election Status -- April 14, 2005
            To: ALA Chapter Relations Office List Please tell everyone to vote. The election closes on April 22 at 11:59:59 P.M. CDT.As of April 14, 2005:Web ballots submitted: 6,624 Total eligible: 41,409 % Response: 16.00%Paper ballots submitted: 1,712 Total eligible: 17,336 % Response: 9.88%Totals: 8,336 58,745 14.19%As of April 14, 2004:Web ballots submitted: 8,458 Total eligible: 42,626 % Response: 19.84%Paper ballots submitted: 1,519 Total eligible: 13,483 % Response: 11.27%Totals: 9,977 56,109 17.78%Total votes in 2003 election: 9,844An email reminder to vote was sent the week of April 4. Another was sent yesterday.If you have not received a ballot, please contact [email protected]PLEASE CAST YOUR BALLOT!

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