Bookstore has records subpoenaed


For the third time in the past month, another bookstore\'s records have been subpoenaed by law enforcement officials. Libraries are bound to be next. The story is available from Lawrence Journal-World.
\"The subpoena, involving a Borders store in Johnson County, came to light this week when a bookseller industry newsletter reported that several groups had filed court papers on Borders\' behalf.

\"Grand jury investigations are confidential, and few details of the case were known. The Kansas City Star reported Friday that the case in question is pending before a federal judge in Kansas City, Kan., and is sealed.\"

\"However, an attorney for Borders told the newspaper that the subpoena was issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration in mid-September.\"

\"A spokeswoman at Borders\' headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., declined to comment on the subpoena, also citing the confidential nature of the investigation. She was unable to say which of the three Borders stores in Johnson County had been subpoenaed.\"

\"Also unclear was whether one or more customers\' purchase receipts were subpoenaed.\"

\"PW Daily for Booksellers, an industry newsletter put out by Publishers Weekly, reported Wednesday that the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, the Media Coalition, the Upper Midwest Booksellers Assn., the National Association of College Stores and other groups had filed papers in the case on Borders\' behalf.\"

\"The American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression is supported by 15 book, First Amendment and freedom-of-expression groups.\"

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