Shooting Cats


On Morning Edition on NPR there was a story about Wisconsin considering the idea of a hunting season for cats. The hunting season is designed to help eliminate feral cats in the state.


I feel that anything one shoots one should eat. I doubt (barring any Chinese restaurant jokes) anyone actually eats cat.

A nice trap, spay and neuter, and relase program sounds like a much better idea.

That and feral cats are more of a problem in developed areas than out in the country so I doubt much hunting would be allowed in the cities.

OK that was funny... but I did say hunting and I hold the opinion that one cannot hunt people unless one is a sociopath.

I heard this on the radio today. Part of the research done mentioned the effect the large feral cat population had on the song birds in the state. Apparently the feral cats kill some 6 million birds a year. And yeah, I doubt hunters will be roaming the streets of Madison bagging their Tabby quota.

Someone else brought this up via email. I said when I heard that story this morning I thought of posting it as well. Librarians LOVE cats. It's one of those things that might not quite fit, but it's close enough for me atleast.

From "Children's Picture Books with Librarians and Libraries:
An Annotated Bibliography" School of Library and Information Science
University of Iowa

The meek, withdrawn, spinster librarian is perhaps one of the most pervasive images in popular discourse surrounding librarianship. This librarian-type seems especially cut-off from the surrounding community. She (for this type is always female) lives isolated in her world of books. When she is viewed at all by the community, it is from the distance, not as a participating or full member of society. She is often more comfortable with cats than with people. From Spinster Librarians

This story relates to libraries because there is a good percentage of librarians that are crazy cat people.

And this relates to libraries how...?

I feel that anything one shoots one should eat.

The obvious bad joke, ready?:

Just because I don't shoot cats doesn't mean I don't eat pussy.

"I feel that anything one shoots one should eat."Tell it to the Marines.

And it certainly got the attention of a lot more people than usual--look how many comments this story has compared to all the others.

Of course, I'm very much a pro-cat librarian.

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