Utah requiring libraries to filter Net


Freedomforum.org, which is always a great resource for IF and censorship news, has a Story from the filtering front.

The House Public Utilities and Technology Committee has unanimously approved a bill that would block state funding to any public library that does not restrict minors from accessing obscene material.

The sponsor, state Rep. Marlon Snow, R-Orem, the bill is intended to ensure that children are not viewing obscene material, intentionally or unintentionally, at the public library.

\"When we think of the information highway, it\'s like 10 years ago we were driving horse and buggies and now we had plopped down the internal combustion engine, cars and highways,\" Owen said. \"We\'re still learning the rules of the road.\"

Owen said Snow\'s bill respects the library\'s right to provide information while asking that steps be taken to protect children.

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