Iraq Booklift Project in Limbo

Topsy Smally, a California librarian who wanted to help colleague libaraians in Iraq by sending donated books, has decided to give up on her well-intentioned project after sending only 55 boxes. One of the main problems was security--her contacts' situations became less safe. Another problem is that the US Postal Service cannon send mail to a country with whom the US is at war. An appeal to First Lady Laura Bush also went unanswered. More here about this dedicated professional from the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


Why is the U.S. still at war with Iraq? I thought President Moron declared the war was over when he grandstanded on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln. For that matter, when was there ever a formal declaration of war against Iraq? The declaration was of a war on "terror". Iraq is a country, not a sociological phenomenon.

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