Michael Gorman Abdicates

Anonymous Patron sent in this Library Journal alert on the ALA leadership.

Michael Gorman, president-elect of the American Library Association (ALA), has stepped down just months before assuming office. "It was the blog people, they did it," said RLG's Walt Crawford.

I liked the Laura Bush story better, but I guess I'm biased.


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He Who Laughs Last

Nice work today LJ! Degree in "Google Science" Offered by Syracuse I School ALA To Move Annual Conference to Dallas, Midwinter Meeting to Chicago Bar Opens in Library, Circulation Triples Reference Desk Installs Tip Bucket Nancy Pearl Confesses: "I Always Prefer the Movie Version"
  From Breaking News today. That's library comedy gold!"About ALA I blow hot and cold. I’m sweet and sour. An insider and an outsider. But if they need me, they know where to reach me."

Michael Gorman Abdicates

a great April Fool's hoax...or not? Is it true?

What people?

Blog people?

What species is blog people?

I can just hear their supranational anthem, though, oddly enough: Nobody escapes the kingdom of the blog people!

When it all comes down to it...

Michael Gorman is an idiot!

I love April 1st!

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