BlakeCake for 4000

Congratulations, Blake, on's 4000th subscription. You da man!


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Is That Beer Cake?

Thanks Rochelle! Hurray for us, it took just under a year to add 1000 new LISNews accounts.

Do accounts ever expire?

Not to rain on the 4000 cake, but I was wondering how many of the 4000 seem to be active (i.e. log in at least once a quarter). Do accounts expire after a period of inactivity?Nice to know that new people keep coming to join us tho.

Re:Do accounts ever expire?

No, I don't *think* they expire, but to be honest I'm not 100% sure. Logins I report with the numbers each month, last month was 320, I don't know what it was for the year, but I doubt it's above 1,000

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