Conference Bloggers


Bill Drew is looking for help in organizing bloggers for the SUNY Librarians Association conference. He writes, "I am organizing a group of State University of New York librarians to report on our SUNY Librarians Association annual conference. Can those of you that have acted as official and unofficial bloggers at conference make any recommendations? I read the blogging going on from Computers in Libraries and found it quite interesting. Any suggestions on best practices or how to coordinate such an effort?"


There was some flack a about core vs. non-core (not from me, if you've read my blog). I think the key is to provide access to posts made to the attendees blogs. If attendees have to fill out a registration form to attend, why don't you ask them something like: "If you plan to blog this conference, please enter your blog address here:____ . We will be aggregating these feeds here:____. The official tag/category for this conference is xxxxx." Then you can link to technorati and create a blogdigger group. I think topic exchange is a little complicated, but blogdigger gets all of the posts (even those that are unrelated to your conference). It's a toss-up, I guess. Be sure to have a disclaimer somewhere, too.

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