Looted ancient book must be sent back to Italy


Anonymous Patron writes "Guardian Unlimited Books Reports the 12th century missal that found its way from a cathedral to the British Library is on it's way back. Now its return may mean a law change"


I will be giving a similar talk about captured Nazi maps, reports and books that are held in US Libraries in Alexandria, Va on April 4th. Unlike art or rare manuscripts that were stolen as personal possessions or loot, these were scientific and technical reports that were stolen and used by the German war machine as they advanced into occupied countries in Western and Eastern Europe. The Nazi soldiers raided public libraries, offices of geology professors at universities, local water well digging companies and even private homes, and pulled their maps off the wall and their books off the shelf for tactical planning by their "Military Geology Units" or "Wehrgeologenstellen" if they had any local geological, water, mining or geographical information. Taken back to Berlin, these items were later buried in a German salt mine with slave labor, and were discovered only a few weeks before the end of the war by American soldiers (almost exactly sixty years ago). War! Theft and robbery! Buried treasure! A ripping yarn! For further infomration about my talk, see: http://www.sla.org/chapter/cdc/events_files/Apr040 5MLG.html and: http://gsa.confex.com/gsa/2003AM/finalprogram/abst ract_64921.htm

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