Subscription Subsidized Open Access


Anonymous Patron writes "Subscription Subsidized Open Access is a page by Brian Simboli on open access. It is his view that open access discussions have failed to explore how"for-pay", subscription access can be made fully compatible with provision of open access. That is, there seems little recognition in many of the current debates that "open access"and "subscriptions" need not be diametrically opposed. To the extent that "open access" has turned into a sort of ideology that focuses unduly on issues of literature accessibility rather than affordability, it has helped to divert attention from this crucial datum. "


Subscribers to Consumer Reports andsubscribers to Consumers' Checkbook http://checkbook.orgget access to subscribers online content at the respective websites.Our Cambridge Public Library is unwillingto claim their access as a subscriber to the subscriber online contentfor Consumer Reports and Consumers' Checkbook.As least one CPL Reference Desk Department librariangets the access through the CPL subscription andcould check on information for CPLusers if CPL wouldclaim their online access through their subscription.Librarians should be better advocates for their usersthan letting the library be without online access toimportant consumer content !

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