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Banda Aceh Library -- Post-Tsunami


MsBooks writes "From NewsNight with Aaron Brown - CNN-tv February 21 (story by Beth Nissen, about a page down in transcript)

Ustidar (ph), a librarian who headed up the preservation department, was one of the first to return, one of the few librarians who survived. The library's director and some 20 members of staff died in the tsunami.

...Banda Aceh's only public library was a busy place, used by more than 800 people a day. They would come to read the periodicals, magazines, and newspapers from around the region, to wait their turn to get online, access the World Wide Web.

...Since the tsunami, the sense of what's essential has shifted to new homes, clean water, restored livelihoods. In a city of ruined schools, clinics, and neighborhoods, rebuilding a library doesn't seem like a high priority.

This veteran librarian insists it is. "Life is more than just food and shelter," she says. "A full stomach without knowledge means little. We need education. We need knowledge to expand." Knowledge in an information age to catch up, keep up.


I wonder if there is anything being set up to process book donations??Or maybe a library renewal fund?...

Hello Anonymous Patron, and thank you for responding .. I am 'MsBooks' .. shortly after my post, I had a great loss within my family, so it's taken me awhile to respond ... however, I am beginning to organize an effort for Book Donations as these are critically needed - not only in Aceh for this heroic librarian, but throughout the region hit by the Tsunami--from Sri Lanka to Thailand etc.. over 5000 libraries - in schools, public, and private - were lost ! and all books & related materials ! .. refugees both adults & children, sit in tents or makeshift housing, and while strides are being made, they need Books for all the reasons Ustidar stated in her interview -- so many many thanks, you were the only one to comment, and given the state of libraries & their funding in the USA (if that is where you are from), you can know that concerns are many times focused on the nearby needs .. which is why I am reaching out to the International Community of Publishers, Booksellers & Anyone who is interested .. for this is something we can do, and we must do . Thank you again

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