Controversial porn star's book moves back to public library shelves


News From Texas where a book written by a porn star will no longer be kept behind the counter at the city library. The book in question is called 'How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale', by Jenna Jameson. It's so popular there's a waiting list to check it out from the city library.


"ACLU Attorney Randall Callinen explained, "Well, the ACLU was highly disturbed by the reports it got from many people in the community that Mayor Bill White had just waved his arm and taken a book from the general circulation and taken it out of public view."

Putting it behind the desk doesn't 'hide' it any more then simply putting it on the shelf does. Its in the catalog, people will find that it exists no matter what.

"While library patrons' opinions may be mixed, the ACLU says the placement of the book out from behind the counter and back on an accessible shelf, has, for now, prevented a lawsuit."

Talk about chilling...

Both probably. In the context of Public Libraries, I'm guessing the book. I can't imagine a Public Library would ban a porn star from checking out books.

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Man, I am such a geek sometimes.

Simply moving the book off the regular shelves is not censorship.

What's your point? That I have more freedom in my country then you do in yours?

Limiting access because of the content of a book is pretty damn close to censorship, to my mind. There are people who might be interested in a book, but because it's behind the librarian's desk, they won't ask for it. And it's not necessarily because they're embarassed by the book but because they're uncomfortable approaching the people at the desk to actually ask for something. The patron might not have problems when he/she finds the book on the shelf and signs it out, but they might not be able to ask for it, for whatever reason.

I was reading VC Andrews by age 11 and Stephen King by age 13; when I went into my high school library at age 13 (our HS was grades 8-12) and asked for either of those, they were behind the librarian's desk. And yes, at that time our board actually had some Teacher Librarians around, so she was an MLS. When I asked for them, she practically gave me the third degree as to whether I was allowed to read them, whether my parents knew, yadda yadda. I told her my parents knew what I was reading; I have no idea if they did or not. Thinking back on it, I'm surprised I was brave enough to ask for the books as I was (am) very shy and being new to the school, the librarian was rather intimidating to me.

I'm certainly not advocating that this book be placed in the kids/YA section but fear of children seeing it, accidentally or otherwise, shouldn't set the guidelines for the adult collection.


Just checked and the only regional library that has a copy of this book in NS is Halifax (no surprise). One copy checked out, three on order!

I did, however, just suggest it for purchase for my library system. It'll be interesting to see if it's bought or not.

s/ (who doesn't need it on ILL)

My point is that censorial people like you just love to bitch and piss and moan about other people not blindly following your arbitrary and summarily imposed "rules" while you are engaged in violating higher laws.

And as for your country being more "free", that is debatable in light of your country being so much more intolerant.

Celebrate freedom! Marry a gay couple today!

Freedom of the press is about things being published, not about things on shelves in the library. Too many people confuse these very different ideas.

Is the porn star controversial or is the book controversial?

LOLOL... sorry, I misunderstood. What are IFLA coupons?

rules? laws?

Like the one that says: Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press? A press is not just the journalism presses, it is all publishers. And your Supreme Court tends to define "congress" as any person elected, appointed, or employed at any level of goverment.

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I'll be happy to ILL it.

I'm all in favor of chilling censors. I prefer that to the alternative.

Is it still on the shelf?

Our copy has had 9 circs since it was added Sept 4, 2005.

If you're willing to get it from ILL, why not buy it and have it on the shelf?

rules? laws? order?

Absolutely.. if you censor something, you end up with a lawsuit and you lose because your actions were unconstitutional, and other administrators, or what have you, see that and think.. "ooohh.. I'd better be careful"... so much the better. Absolutely.

It was checked out since I first posted, probably someone who saw me looking at it on the shelf.

Oddly it was shelved next to 921 Jesus in our new books area :)

We do own it. I am willing to lend it ILL.

We can't possibly add everything to the collection. In fact one of our (born-again) librarians was all in a snit because I ordered it. We have a policy of ordering the 15 books on the NYT list. I guess she got over it.

I'll get anything from ILL. Heck I even have know what IFLA coupons are!

Being free to travel has nothing to do with the privlege of driving a car.Without shelves or the ability to sell (distribute, etc) a book, a book doesn't get published/printed. What good is a book that remains inaccessible, or unread? The thought might as well have never occurred.Which is precisely the point of the censors, the banners, and the right-wingers who throw obstacles in the way of information.Nothing like chilling progress, because we'd be much better off dead at 30, suffering malnutrition, barefoot and pregnant, and fighting in religous wars.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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