Yet Another Mom Wants Yet Another Book Off Yet Another Shelf

Anonymous Patron writes "One Originally From The Orlando Sentinel on a woman's quest to ban the book, "Anastasia Krupnik" by Newbery award-winner Lois Lowry, from an Elementary school in Florida. Shoe hopes it will lead to a policy allowing for a countywide ban on books deemed offensive. She brought the issue to the School Board this week and has filed a formal complaint."


I have to give the little girl credit: she saw a word she knew her parents would disapprove of and brought it to someone's attention. I would be hard pressed to believe, though, that she had never seen it or heard it prior to that single instance in Lowry's book. I cannot dispute the assertion that parents have the right to choose what books their children do and do not read...would that all parents felt that way. What does bother me is THIS parent's "campaign" to set a county-wide book banning policy. EGAD!

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