Inside Google

Topic: has an Interview with Sergey Brin from google, who talk about how google works, and their very interesting mission:\"Google\'s mission is to organize the world\'s information, making it universally accessible and useful.

Sounds like a library? They have over 6,000 servers that run RedHat 6.2 linux, serve 50 million searches per day, and over 25,000 websites use their engine!

They [] have a google of interviews with other open source folks, if you\'re interestedInterview Section

Richard Stallman (GNU), Mosfet (KDE), Miguel de Icaza (GNOME), Trae McCombs (, Pradeep Bhanot (Oracle), Alexandre Julliard (Wine), Alfredo Kojima (WindowMaker), Marat Fayzullin (Master of Emulation), Peter Clark (FreeNet), Gael Duval (MandrakeSoft), Stefen Seeger (General Graphics Interface Project (GGI)), Kevin Reichard (Linux/Open Source Channel, Ronny KO (32BitsOnline), Russel Pavlicek (Compaq), Arturo (Red Escolar Linux Project), Brain Behlendorf (Apache), Mattias Ettrich (KDE 2.0), Alan Cox (Linux Kernel), Quentin Cregan (SourceForge), Chris DiBona (, IBM staff and Richard Payne (Alpha Processor)

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