The Porn Only OPAC

Topic: has a Story on a new piece of software called ImageFilter from LookThatUp. They say the software classifies visual information by color, texture, shape and spatial configuration, It\'ll then analyze the data to make a sort of fingerprint for each image that is compared to other images. If it finds a questionable image, ImageFilter will email you! All those hours wasted surfing for porn at the local public library are over! Now you can just sign up and let this little baby get your porn for you!Now, I know your saying to your self, \"Blake, what does this mean to me, the average librarian?\", well I\'ll tell you!
I have 3 magic words for you....Porn Only Terminals!

Yes that\'s right, filter out all that other garbage [you know.... news, weather, and educational junk] on the net, and give your patrons what they really want Hard Core Pornography [three more magic words]. But wait.... there\'s more!

Since it can \"classify visual information by color, texture, shape and spatial configuration\" you can set up a \"Porn Only OPAC\"! [3 more magic words]. Image the profit potential in your brand new database of smut. You can sell access by the minute to save porn starved men and boys [Remeber the ALA encourages you not to stop minors from doing anything] and turn a profit in no time. Who wouldn\'t spend a couple bucks an hour to search through a databse of all the porn on the web?

They say the system costs anywhere from $3,000 per month to $500,000 per year, depending on the usage, but isn\'t this really a small price to pay to keep all your patrons happy?

Remember, you saw it here first!

Disclaimer:LookThatUp is really targeting this software at e-commerce companies that unwittingly host pornographic images, but why let that stop you?

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