Interns get help pursuing master’s in library science

Anonymous Patron writes "Interns get help pursuing master’s in library science
“It’s not just checking out books; it’s not like that at all, there’s a lot of work involved in the cataloguing, organizing and maintaining the online resources,� Treviño said. “It was a rude awakening. We are doing a lot of work.�"


I'm curious what these interns thought they were getting themselves into when they applied and were accepted to the MS program. "It's not just checking out books."?!?! At least they are getting help with tuition. With that headache out of the way, perhaps they can focus and learn something substantial about the profession. (Wow! That sounded shrewish didn't it?)

Shoot! I think I paid that for a textbook at Simmons! j/k

In these intern's defense, I think the 'it's more than just checking out books' comment may have been to stave off all the people reading the article saying, "What, you need to go to school to stamp books?"

Heh. I know when I told my mom I wanted to become a librarian, she said, "I didn't send you to four years of college so you could work in a library." No lie.

OK - I can buy that defense. And in this day of electronic self checkout, do libraries even USE stamps anymore? Thanks for the reality check, Shoe. --Durst

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