Librarians in E-government

One librarian's take on the role of (and need for) librarians in e-government projects:

There are many librarians involved in e-government projects. I chair a group of information professionals working in local government and many of its members will have been involved in e-government in one way or another. Librarians should be at the forefront as the provision of information is a key element; and that is what we do best.

I do not know if Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science are still taught but it would be interesting to apply these to e-government. The five laws are:

  • 1. Books are for use
  • 2. Every reader his or her book
  • 3. Every book its reader
  • 4. Save the time of the reader
  • 5. The library is a growing organism

    If we begin to apply these laws to the provision of information to the public and the interactions being offered by e-government they still make a lot of sense.

    Complete article from the new issue of Ariadne.

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