Government Printing Office Revises Access Policy

Durst writes "Government Executive News has a story about GPO's policy regarding public access to agency information.

The new policy requires a more detailed review of why an agency wanted to withdraw, withhold or restrict access to a document, and whether alternative options could be used. The option would depend on what the agency wanted to do. For example, if they wanted to withdraw a publication, the option might be to edit it so it can be printed anyway. If they wanted to hold a publication, the option might be to put a timeline on how long it's held.



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GPO's new policy

ALA GODORT took a look at this new policy during Midwinter, and is sending comments - some of the changes are really positive, but others raised some concerns, especially regarding privacy, the use of the term 'sensitive' information, etc. The letter should be available on the GODORT web site later this week.

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