European Association of Sinological Librarians


Founded in 1981 after a workshop on sinological libraries and library work in Leiden, the European Association of Sinological Librarians continues to join sinological librarians from various European countries. The annual conferences are organized along loose lines: discussion and mutual exchange of experiences, as well as practical demonstrations are emphasized and more important than lectures and papers by members or invited experts. Experts mostly are found in the range of the members! Nevertheless, any member is free to propose any topic, any expert's paper etc. to the next conference's agenda, on the condition that preparation should be done by this member her- or himself. During the conference the share of informations, experiences, datas etc. plays an important role beside the conference hours as well.
A bulletin has been published until the year 1996, the new media of EASL's homepage succeeds it at last, from 1998 onwards.

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