"Postal Service has novel approach for unwanted books."

infodiva writes "From the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot:
The Norfolk public libraries place about 450 books on the shelves every month--all donated by the local U.S. Postal Service. This type of program sounds like a great resource for Hampton Roads public libraries."


It's nice to hear that the book groups aren't forcing the Post Office to dump them as might happen. If thats just in one small area imagine what could happen if it was matched all over the country. I've no idea what happens here in the UK but it's the perfect way to deal with it.

I'm wondering though if that area is just lucky?
Comes down to the old arguement of just how much damage libraries do to sales, even more so in this case. All you need is some grumpy business type to throw a spanner in the works.

Does anyone know how a library could benefit from this?

From the article, it looks like the U.S. Postal Services "Manager of Mail Forwarding Operations" looks like the person to contact.

Hampton Roads is a rather large area made up of several cities, so it sounds more like a regional position. The local post office in your town may be able to refer you to someone with the same sort of position...

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