Google does video


madcow writes "Google has released test version of a product to search video here.

Sayeth the googlers: "Right now we're just testing Google Video, so only a small amount of programming from a limited number of channels is included in your search results. But we're indexing new content every day and we'll be adding channels in the near future, so you should see more and more results from your searches in the coming months.""


Initially, this tool seems fairly limited. It doesn't connect to video clips (although they claim that's in the cards). It also doesn't seem to have a vast archive. When I put in search strings from quotations from television programs in syndication, I rarely get results. I get results, instead, when I enter search terms which will appear extremely frequently: names of primary characters; names of settings; titles of television shows.

On the other hand, the tool is still in beta. We'll see -- it might become very useful as it adapts. It's a very clever idea, searching the closed-captioning text in order to know the textual content of a video clip.

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