Virginia Museum gets special delivery

Anonymous Patron writes " | Museum gets special delivery Twenty years ago, a parishioner came to Crisco with a letter written in 1846 by Edgar Allan Poe to the editor of the Democratic Review, a monthly journal in New York. The parishioner had bought it for $10 at a yard sale along with other historical documents. She thought Crisco would appreciate and enjoy the letter, so she gave it to her."


What motivates people to charge a museum more than they can afford for an item? I am not rich, nor am I poor, my best socio-economic descriptor would be low end middle class and I recognize the value of history. If I was destitute or on a low fixed income and HAD to have the money I would have, at worst, worked out offering a year by year payment. Astounding that this is a so-called Christian on top of all that, never saw a mention of raking museums over the coals for cash in the bible.

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