New prescription for mental health: read a good book


JET writes "The Guardian Reports:

Doctors usually send patients to the pharmacy to get medication, but from tomorrow GPs in one county will be packing people off to the library with prescriptions for self-help books.
Those with symptoms of depression, anxiety or eating disorders will be referred to clinics where they will be prescribed books to read alongside support sessions with graduate mental health care workers.

The scheme in Devon, which is the first of its kind in the UK, aims to cut waiting lists for more serious cases, reduce over-prescription of drugs and offer some form of treatment for patients who may otherwise receive none."


We see a lot of people come into the library after seeing the doctor, and often for self help books. My favourite was the senior who told us that her doctor told her to either get interested in something or she would essentially die from boredom!She didn't watch TV or read books, had no family or friends. She was a challenge but we did it!

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