Young Woman Sues over Confederate Prom Dress


A 19 year-old woman who was barred from attending her senior prom when she showed up in a dress styled after the confederate flag is suing the school district for violation of her first amendment rights.

Duty, now a college student, said school officials told her before the prom not to wear the dress, but she didn't have another one and decided to see if administrators would change their minds.

More here from CNN. The young woman's story as told by her is here at the Southern Legal Resource Center, "a civil rights law firm for confederate Americans."


...the Southern Legal Resource Center, "a civil rights law firm for confederate Americans."

A civil rights law firm for confederate Americans? Is that anything like a society to preserve the rights of Yugoslavians? Oh, I know it's kind of like the Fraternity to Assure and Retain Soviet Entities (FARSE).

There are no Confederate Americans. There is no Confederacy nor is there a Confederate States of America. And do you know why there isn't? Because they frigging lost the Civil War. And, oh yeah, it was a Civil War- a War of Rebellion. It was not a War of Northern Aggression. And the South lost. And when you lose a war like that, your "nation" disolves and ceases to exist.

It's called history, folks. It helps me, it can help you too.


It is a natural byproduct of hyphenated Americans (a particularly silly one at that).

Dammit she had the right to wear the dress. It's tasteless, but legal. Granted, looking at her, I think she would have looked like a country singer gone prostitute in that dress (think Dottie West), but she had every right to wear it.

She had this right because she's an American. Not because she's a Confederate American. Confederate Americans have no rights for the same reason zombies, vampires, and ogres have no rights- because none of them exist.

None of them exist anymore. The war ended a long time ago.

There were photos of her in the dress and she looked more like a Branson show girl than a prostitute. Too bad I can't find them now.

LOL... She actually let herself be photographed in the dress? Oh my, it's awful. Fashion critiques aside, if the administration told her not to wear the dress and she did anyway, what did she think was going to happen? When I was in school, if the admin didn't like what we were wearing (for whatever reason) we were sent home and forced to change clothes. Granted, that's not prom... and prom usually isn't a public event, you often have to buy tickets, so the school as the hosts of the shindig get to decide what is appropriate attire for their event. Now, if this young lady would approach from the angle that if her dress is inappropriate then what about the exceptionally revealing dresses that were allowed to attend. Why weren't they barred from entry? She might be able to win over more public support than using the southern pride angle. IMHO

I think that she is going after them b/c their dress code has nothing in it with appealing desicisions and something else I can't remember off teh top of my head. I think it's in one of the below URLs. 93.htm m

The picture is in the last URL!

I believe I heard her on the news say that she wanted to wear the dress to show her pride in her heritage. I can understand that. Some of my ancestors came to Georgia, back when it was a colony for debtors. As near as I can tell, that is a tradition that we have now passed along for over two hundred years.

...saddens me. Why they are concerned with what she wears to her high school prom when she is barely literate is what concerns me.

Perhaps they should have spent a bit more time on teaching her the proper use of principal and principle or correcting any of the other errors that a high school student (let alone graduate) should be capable of avoiding.

But rather than provide her with a useful education they would rather provide her with an education in political correctness.

Had she simply added a white bow it would have been a patriotic outfit, yet because of PC nonsense run amok and the possibility that someone somewhere somehow might be offended they concerned themselves more with what she was wearing rather than what she was learning.

I don't care if she went in Klan robes let her wear what she wants. I doubt seeing some big boned southern girl in a confederate flag dress will irreparably harm anyone’s psyche. I think FUBU clothing worn halfway down the arse is offensive and makes the wearer look like a narrow-minded slob but I manage to live through it.

And hey kid, remember the princiPAL is your PAL. Well, in most cases.

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