SIZZLING Mad - Hunt for the RECIPE Snipper

search engines person shares this story from the Bloomington (IL) Public Library:

Librarians first noticed pages were missing from several cookbooks last summer. Since then they have pulled nearly 100 cookbooks from circulation because of missing or damaged pages - an estimated loss of $2,000....Librarians said many of the books are out-of-print and might be irreplaceable.

Update: 12/15 14:51 EST by R: I posted this yesterday, but will post again, since there's a follow-up story. BPL (MPOE) has had an outpouring of support, with donations of cash and books. More here, and a picture of some of the damaged books here.


I wrote a brief piece about this about a month ago. It was this piece, in our library newsletter, that prompted the newspaper to cover the story. The reporter and the photog both talked to me about my essay, how swell it was, etc. But, when I read the story in the paper, it read an awful lot like the piece in our newsletter, but with no attribution. Here's the original piece. Do I have a right to be disgruntled? Or do I need to get over myself (as I sometimes do)?

That's called plagiarism and you definitely have a gripe. Call the editor and send him a printed copy of your newsletter. If that does nothing, then send in an opinion piece. Without being sensationalist, this is where journalistic ethics should start!

I don't know that I'll do anything at this point. I just wanted to get some other opinions to see if I was being overly sensitive, or if I was being ripped off. So far, "ripped off" is the consensus.

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