PUBLIB: "Some Conservative Library-Oriented Weblogs"


AshtabulaGuy writes "In a posting to the PUBLIB mailing list, Darius Ritchie attempted to provide a brief list of "conservative library-oriented weblogs". The list includes blogs by LISNews participants such as Tomeboy and Conservator and SHUSHer Greg. Other LISNews participants are listed as well. Read it all."


I like the In Season Christian blog but I wouldn't label it as Conservative. She stays pretty apolitical I think.

I agree with Greg. The purpose of my blog is to examine religious resources with added musings as I(and the rest of the team) feel like.

The general public gets a one-sided view of librarians. We mostly read of the defiance of members of the profession to perceived repression and discrimination by the so-called right wing. This is farthest from the truth. On the contrary conservative librarians are trying to maintain fairness in the practice of our profession. Unfortunately some professional library associations are trying to make the library a political arena for the promotion of their own ideas. The ongoing debate about filtering, access of all materials age appropriate or not to children, and of course the SRRT site with its distorted picture of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the War in Iraq. Conservative librarians are more defenders than offenders. The constitution assures every American to life liberty and the prusit of happiness. If a family has to think twice about going to the library because the librarians are not considering a family's or community served values then they are not letting them pursue happiness. I am not saying that books should be censored only care and discretion should be used in circulating them. I realize that such a statement will be attacked, care and discretion are not evil things and they are a part of a librarians's professional responsibility. As far as adding the In Season Christian Librarian, I believe that the compliler of the list is trying to equate conservatism with Christianity. I am Jewish and a conservative. Conservatism transcends all religious lines. There is a Republican Jewish Coalition who strongly supported the President. There have been meetings seeking to preserve traditional values in America that were attended by Christians and Jews. Goals in America are shared.

I'm glad your blog was highlighted, anyway. I've added it to my bloglines list. From your last few months posting, I'd agree with you and Greg. Please keep up the good work.

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