Macomb MI libraries are struck by thieves

Anonymous Patron writes "News From Michigan where Law enforcement agencies from across Macomb County are investigating a rash of DVD thefts from local libraries that are turning up in local resale and pawn shops.

About 800 DVDs have been stolen from the Shelby Township library and the three branches of the Clinton-Macomb Public Library -- two in Clinton Township and one in Macomb Township."


OK let me play Inspector Clouseau here (my 9 months of law enforcement experience put to good work.)

The guy that pawned them stole them!

In all seriousness, is there any contraindication to inscribing the disks themselves with the barcode number of the item and let law enforcement know so they can spread the word to pawn and resale shops.

Will using a tool like this damage the disks? Heck we place tattle tapes and other stickers on them why not engrave our barcode. Since all libraries nationwide will have a different barcode # prefix we could return stuff and more importantly prosecute the people who stole them to begin with.

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