Plath's Daughter Pleads: Let Her Rest in Peace


An Anonymous Patron writes "Sylvia Plath's daughter hopes people will lose interest in analyzing her mother's life and denigrating her father.

Ms. Hughes is also unhappy with how Hollywood has portrayed her mother, according to Yahoo News :

Hughes refuses to see the biopic "Sylvia" in which Gwyneth Paltrow played her mother. And her disdain for the film was rammed home in her own caustic poem "My Mother" in which she wrote:

"The peanut eaters, entertained at my mother's death,

Will go home, each carrying their memory of her.

Lifeless -- a souvenir. Maybe they'll buy the video."



but she knows she doesn't like the film? Uh-huh.

Oh....valis...I think she's okay to blow off this film after a lifetime of having her mother's life de- and re-constructed over and over again. And, reviews verifying that the move movie was wretched are readily available.

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