Help Bring Rose Lin Home!


LISNews author Bibliofuture Needs Your Help. He's adopting a baby from China (Rose Lin) and is working to raise $3000 so that he can pay a $3000 orphanage fee that the Chinese government charges to defray the cost of orphanages.
Visit the Rose Lin Johnson Chinese Orphanage fund. Donations go directly to improve the conditions and level of supplies and staff that are available in Chinese orphanages.

Chip in a few bucks and help bring little "Babliofuture" home!


Rose Lin is beautiful!

My cousin and his wife have been down this road twice and are now the proud parents of two wonderful, young, Chinese men - well, OK, young boys who did start out as babies. :-) And another "almost cousin" of mine did the same thing about 8 years ago and was able to adopt and bring home her beautiful daughter Lilly as a tiny baby from China.

I wish you and Mrs. Bibliofuture and Rose Lin all the best!/P.

Donations are up to $164.85 as of Saturday the 20th. Thank you very much to all of you that have given support.

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