Tell us about your digital divide initiative


The Digital Divide Network is beginning the
groundwork to develop a searchable, national
database of public Internet
access points and other local digital divide initiatives.
Users will be able
to input their location and find out what\'s going on in
their community
regarding the digital divide. We\'ve partnered with a
range of national
organizations and government entities, including the
American Library
Association, the US Departments of Education and
Commerce, HUD, PowerUp, and
other institutions to gather the latest information on the
types of digital
divide initiatives available in each community across
the US.

There is more...We\'re already beginning to process local initiative
listings collected by
our project partners, but we\'d like to invite individual
organizations to go
online and tell us directly what you\'re doing in your
community. We\'re
especially interested in learning about public Internet
access centers
(CTCs, libraries, churches, etc) as well as tech-related
training programs,
community networks and other digital divide initiatives.

If you\'re involved in a digital divide program in your
community, please
tell us about it. We\'ve set up an online survey, which
can be found here:

Once you\'ve finished filling out the survey, please be
sure to hit the
\"submit\" button in order to send your survey results to

We expect to have the database online in January 2001.
Until then, feel free
to spread the word about the project. We look forward to
hearing from you!

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