Book vs. Movie: The Polar Express


Anonymous Patron writes "Book vs. Movie: The Polar Express While the book is already a Caldecott Medal winner and a Christmas classic destined to be read and re-read by children of all ages, the movie is equally appealing. It's a warm, blissful Christmas celebration that obviously comes straight from the heart. The story is captivating and engaging for all ages, but even more importantly, the film feels as ageless as the book does. Both the book and the movie could have been as special to readers and audiences in the 1930s as they are today."


was a pan . Reviewer Manohla Dargis said it "a film filled with creepily unlifelike beings"


Yes, she surely did give it a bad rap. Having loved reading the book to my daughter when she was little, I was kind of looking forward to the movie...though we all know movies don't usually hold a candle to "the book".

Dargis does, indeed, go to town as she draws comparisons to the artists' scenes with those of Hitleresque armories, etc. Even I will grant her that some of the illustrations in the book itself are rather cold and uncharacteristic for the typical Santa Claus tale... and yet, in the book version it all manages to work together quite nicely in adding to the eerie dream like quality that Van Allsburg has captured in this tale of The Polar Express.

I'd be interested in YOUR review (if you see it).

No seriously. It's called the Uncanny Valley and was even mentioned in another review (middle of page). Most other reviews are positive.

I promise, birdie, that if I do get around to seeing this movie that I will give you my take on it.

I'm going to have to go back and reread that NYT piece and see if the reviewer actually had any affection for the book or not, too.

John, thanks so much for that link to the Uncanny Valley - that is very interesting and, yet, it doesn't really surprise me. Maybe this will yet save us all from falling to fast for artificial intelligence. ;-)

Seriously, thanks so much for your input... and the other reviews, too. I probably will see it eventually, though it might be on a DVD when I do. :-)

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