Naughty New Zealander Wrecks Library

Here, brief and horrifying, a story of a prank pulled by a New Zealand teen that cost a school library in the Tapawera area over $40,000 NZ in lost books.

What punishment do you think fits the crime?


This is definitely a horrifying story. As far as what punishment suits the crime, I recommend that on top of at least one month of hard labor, that she pay for the equivalent number/monentary value of books she destroyed and shelve them!

Nice idea....never going to happen though...that value of books is about a year's before-tax salary for me (and I'd be guessing I'd be earning more than she is)....besides which, New Zealand's very liberal on crime and punishment issues (certainly compared to the USA) so she'll probably pay a token fine and do community service (picking up rubbish on the roadside, etc).

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