An Alternative To The ALA? The ALC: Americans for Libraries Council


Americans for Libraries Council (ALC) is a national nonprofit that advocates for libraries at the national level and develops and promotes programs aimed at realizing the potential of libraries in the 21st century. The Council believes that a national agenda is needed to help leverage the vast, varied and rapidly evolving capabilities of America's libraries and to reinvest in libraries as key assets for information literacy, opportunity and democracy.


  • to focus attention on libraries as national assets, essential for a healthy economy and vital democracy
  • to provide effective models for library services and library support
  • to establish a new base of financial support for library preservation and innovation
  • to increase advocacy for libraries in the corporate, philanthropic and civic sectors

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While this looks like a great advocacy organization, they appear to be more of a project-oriented foundation. For those looking for an alternative to ALA's liberal leanings, a gander at the advisory board shows at least a couple ALA regulars, and folks from the private sector who are involved with ALA as champions, advisors, etc.

ALC seems to have very specific areas of concern: access to health information, funding of libraries, early childhood initiatives, and literacy. Membership is open to individuals, but membership doesn't necessarily give individuals a voice in the organization. It's sort of like public radio--your membership helps keep the organization afloat so that they can do their good work.

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