Book Recommendations for Dubya

The National Catholic Reporter brings us a list of top book choices for President George W. Bush, with tongue firmly, as they say, in cheek.

Author Marie Whitla O'Reilly quotes the President "It’s a wonderful country,� Bush II enthused. “You don’t have to read to become president.� and then rhetorically asks, "What about the presidentiary� library? How’s he going to fill those shelves?"

O'Reilly ponders aloud...I knew the education president needed a list and he needed it fast. Plato’s Republic came to mind, along with The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Crime and Punishment, A Short History of Financial Euphoria and Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace.

Nah! I said to myself. Forget it! By his own admission, he’s no “innalexshal.�

Then, bingo! I remembered Dr. Seuss. Luckily Dubya married a librarian who is also committed to leaving no billionaire behind. Laura could easily get her hubby hooked on books, beginning with Hop on Pop. Then he can get his feet wet with Fox in Socks.

More in this delightfully silly vein at NCR.

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