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Today it\'s all about legal stuff in the B Buzz
Highlights. There\'s a Slashdot discussion on UCITA on
whether or not it applies to printed books, and Amazon
takes its patent battle to an appeals court. Read on..Does the UCITA Apply to Printed Books? September 29, 2000. If any portion of a book
is on a CD-ROM rather than text and the CD jacket has a
sticker that says the purchaser return rights are forfeited
if the seal is broken, does that apply to the book as well? This discussion group ponders the weight of the wrap
agreement and copyright in a state that has passed the
Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act.
Read the entire discussion here.

Amazon Takes Patent Battle to Appeals Court

Bloomberg News: September 30, 2000. The U.S. Appeals Court
in Washington, DC will hear debates over whether Barnes &
Noble should continue to be blocked from using Amazon\'s
patented \'1-Click\' online purchasing technology. While some
think business-method patents are good for creating
innovation, and others feel there are already too many e-
commerce patents, a patent attorney stressed the value of
this case. \"This is the first significant e-commerce patent
fight to reach this appeals court. If wins, it
will send a very strong signal to the Internet community that Internet and e-commerce patents are here to stay.\"
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