Would President Kerry defang the DMCA?

Pete writes "C/Net News has this DMCA-Presidential politics story:"In a barely noticed remark on Thursday, the Democratic senator said he might support defanging the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)--the unpopular law that has prompted take-to-the-street protests from the geek community.If Kerry is serious, that would be a remarkable metamorphosis on a law that the Senate approved without one dissenting vote. It would also be remarkable because, contrary to what Kerry and President Bush tell you, few differences exist between the two White House hopefuls on nearly any topic imaginable.""


Wow pandering to the geeks. I thought they already voted (or at least hacked the vote counting machines to vote for Opus of Bloom County)

I thought half-this article was about the above mentioned technical stuff, the other half about the author's own political leanings. For instance, he talks about how neither has come out supporting gay marriage (neither does support gay marriage), will end the war on drugs, or oppose the privatization of Social Security.

Anyway, back on topic. I am personally confused by these copyright issues. And I get the feeling that the politicians that voted on this particular piece of legislation had no idea what they were voting for either.

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