University's First Librarian Haunts Original Library


Agne Milner, the first librarian at Illinois State University (Normal), makes her post-life home at Williams Hall on the ISU campus, according to several faculty, staff and students who say they have evidence of her existence.

Milner is described as benign and friendly, said Jo Rayfield, ISU's archivist whose office is in Williams Hall.

"She is a kind, gentle person," Rayfield said, describing her own close encounter with Milner one Sunday morning when she was looking at microfilm.

Rayfield said she sensed Milner's presence, which was much like the feeling that comes when someone looks over your shoulder to ask what's on television.

ISU's most famous ghost will be featured on a Travel Channel show, Haunted Campuses, in the coming week. More here from the Pantagraph.


Here's a personal favorite of mine, the Willard Library ghost in Indiana. Check out the ghostcame when you get some time. It's pretty neat.

Maybe she'll hang around 'til she gets some respect.

The first librarian at Ohio State University, Olive Branch Jones, was appointed in 1893 as the first full time librarian and served until 1927. As far as I know, nothing, not even a broom closet, a display case, or a stair case in the library, is named after her. I once suggested that the new storage facility benamed the Olive Jones Branch Library, but they just laughed. And I was serious.

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