Bill Katz, Reference Specialist, Author, Passed Away


lucky writes "William A. "Bill" Katz, former editor of Magazines for Libraries, RQ, and other reference works, has passed away. Slightly more information on the University at Albany SISP website."


Okay librarians...I can't believe it...ZERO comments? We can do better than that!It's 15 years since I graduated from library school and WHICH books do I STILL have?WHICH books were the most intelligently written, inspiring, practical?WHICH books taught me about the most important resources that librarians need to know about?The books are Vol 1 and Vol 2 of William A. Katz's Introduction of Reference Work...are there many librarians out there that did not study these?Katz's contributions to librarianship are outstanding...his Magazines for Libraries provided an important guide for selecting magazines, his Library Literature presented important ideas about librarianship, under his leadership, RQ emerged from the stuffy bonds of theory to become a practical guide that we could use to becomebetter reference librarians.There is much more that can be send about the man who influenced generations of librarians...Come on folks...say MORE!

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