More Mad About Monsters


How much time do you spend thinking about GODZILLA?

Well Bill Tsutsui, a history professor at the University of Kansas and author of the book "Godzilla on My Mind," thinks about him quite a lot, and has planned a three day scholarly conference at the University of Kansas for the 50th anniversary of the first Godzilla film. He's been collaborating with Japanese studies librarian Michiko Ito.

The conference begins Oct. 28 and offers speeches, panel discussions and free screenings of Godzilla films, including "Gojira," the Japanese movie that started Godzilla's career in November 1954. Atop the movie theater will be an inflatable 28-foot Godzilla balloon.

The notion of a serious Godzilla conference drew puzzled looks on campus.

"It's kind of odd," said freshman Kathleen Schafer said. "I didn't think scholars would be interested."

But they are...and they're coming from Duke, Harvard and Vanderbilt. More here .

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