Friday Updates

OK. The friday updates for this week include .KIDS, wall damage, library of the future, the battle of the books, another library strike, finding the childrens book, Shhhh, cafes, Net as a study tool, etc, etc, etc.From Yahoo
.KIDS Domains Inc. Announces Plans to Oversee Safe Harbor for Kids on the Internet
\".KIDS Domains Inc., a company focused on improving the Internet experience for children, today announced plans to submit an application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sponsor a new ``.kids\'\' domain.\"

From the Concord Monitor
Wall damage closes school library
\"Wednesday around noon, as construction crews dug up the side of a hill on which the oldest portion of the Loudon Elementary School sits, the school\'s librarian heard noises that concerned her. Story time came to an end early and she calmly moved the 15 first-graders to another room.\"

Library of the Future
\"Recent news that thriller writer Frederick Forsyth is to publish his next work exclusively through the Internet opens the doors even wider to the library of the future.\"

From the Vancouver Sun
Here\'s who really won the books battle
\"The Surrey school board\'s infamous book ban is back in the headlines this week, but readers may need a quick history lesson to understand how it can be possible for the three-year, million-dollar court battle to end with both sides claiming victory.\"

From The Age
Library staff ready to strike
\"Staff at seven inner-city libraries are preparing for a possible strike as pay talks with the Yarra-Melbourne Regional Library Corporation reach an impasse.\"

Tales of once upon a time
\"Sarah Rocklin of Timonium spent 10 years searching library sales and Internet sites for a favorite childhood book before she found it at Baltimore\'s Enoch Pratt Free Library.\"

From the Columbus Dispatch
Pleas for some quiet fall on deaf ears
\"Where are all the knuckle-rapping, chatter-busting schoolmasters these days?

Certainly not in your average public library, where the audible \"shhhh\'\' has gone the way of the hairnetted spinster behind the desk.\"

From the Sun Sentinel
Cafes, gift shops boost South Florida libraries
\"Want to find a quiet place to lean back in a soft chair, pick up the latest novel from Stephen King and sip an espresso?
You may not have to look at the newest mega-bookstore. Try an old standard: your local library.
Libraries throughout South Florida are borrowing from the success of Borders, Barnes & Noble and other chain bookstores to woo patrons, earn extra revenue and keep up with their trendier competitors.\"

From the Detroit News
Net is a tricky study tool
\"When Eric Skibbe had to do a school report on the Vietnam War, he turned to the Internet.
After all, with almost a billion Web sites out there, the eighth-grader was sure he\'d have no problem getting information on the subject.
He got information, all right. The problem was he received too much.\"

Library\'s happy ending
\"Once upon a time, there was an old library with lots of charm but a leaky slate roof, crumbling walls, and furniture in such poor condition that it was held together by tape.

That sad chapter in the history of the Westwood Free Public Library has finally been closed.\"

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