Rural Ireland Missing Its "Mobile"


Residents of county Mayo are missing their bookmobile. It's in the shop, becoming wheelchair accessible, but in the meantime, those who cannot get to the library have no way to peruse the books. They're particularly concerned that since more 'static' libraries have opened, the bookmobile may be on its way out.

Lots of lovely Irish names in this little story from Western People , you can almost imagine them tripping off the tongue of Frank McCourt.


I say we take up a collection to send a librarian from the US to Ireland to drive books around in a car to the homebound in Co. Mayo. Of course the librarian should be a member of Cumann Leabharlann na hÉireann.

I think Knock does have a static library, a most interesting term, but it is a Church library.

Rural Ireland is growing smaller every day, it seems that the city creeps north, south and eastward more every day.

It seems that refitting the bookmobile for wheelchairs is a bit of an extreme when it is so heavily used. I did note that on the website there is no mention of the mobile library being out of service. Libraries in Ireland, at least those I've used are quite attuned to their user's needs. The main Dublin library is even in a shopping mall. (They also have the exact same hours as my library in Florida!)

You're elected. Erin Go Bragh and go in good health.

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