Don't Click Send: Your Boss Is Watching

An Anonymous Patron writes "A couple of interesting computers at work related articles. Don't Click Send! says what some people may not realize is that sending the wrong e-mail to the wrong person can be more than monumentally embarrassing. It can cost you a job, or even a few months in jail. If you're composing an e-mail message that resembles any of the following disasters, just step away from the keyboard and go for a walk to clear your head.
Your Boss Is Watching says Internet account you have at work is not your private space. It's also your boss's space, and your boss's boss's space, and so on up the line. In fact, if you think you have any real privacy on the job, you're laboring under a delusion. Here are some of the more common myths about Net privacy at work."


You're on their time, their place, their rules.Don't like them? Take it up with your boss, or voice your opinion to your coworkers, get enough to go talk to the boss to make a change.That, or just leave your fun, humorous and personal emails for your home email account/internet connection.

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