Poor marks for spelling on library mural


AP Says You wouldn’t expect to see a lot of misspelled words when you enter a public library. Which is why Livermore, California, is paying thousands of dollars to an artist so she’ll correct the words she misspelled on a giant mural in the entryway of the new main library.

Update: 10/07 19:18 EST by B:More from USA Today, including the artists take on "Blake's concept of enlightenment" ...wowee Blake!...


Why in the world should the library have to pay her more for her to fix her own mistakes!? I'm baffled.........


In this article, the artist says that the spelling errors do not register with "true artisans".

From the artist's website:
Maria believes that the most important elements that should exist in a Public Art Work are the following:

1. The work must have universal appeal for the users of the site on all levels, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.
2. The users of the site should be considered at the planning stage.
3. The visitors to the site must be able to interact with the art at one or more of the aforementioned levels.

Looking at the artist's website and some of her work it is my personal opinion that she might want to work on point #1.

Thanks for pointing out the artists website. I don't like her stuff anyway. Misspelled...and unattractive!

"The words and the quotes along with the esthetics of the work is designed to engage the viewer at the basic esthetic level to the intellectual and spiritual levels if the viewer takes advantage of the vast wealth of material that the library has to offer. in other words the viewer is encouraged to interact with the work at their highest level of interest. " Artist's website

Not misspelled, but certainly incomprehensible gobbledegook plus plural subjects with singular verbs, mismatched pronouns and missing capitalization.

There are sign offs on commissioned work. Management messed up--probably didn't know how to spell either, and the alert patrons brought it up.

and I managed to misspell "interpretive." Joy.

They're not errors. The artist calls the spelling "interpretative"."No, really.

btw, the Livermore library is included in her portfolio . Oddly enough, there's no mention of any spelling disagreement.

If the library signed off on the mural, they will have to pay for any changes. That also could be an "oversight."

...mmm... very good possible points! :-)

Maybe the city gave her a plan for the artwork and had the names listed on it. If the names were wrong that were given to her it might explain things. At the end of the article the artist blames the city for "oversights" so maybe they gave the words to her spelled wrong.

Ah, see, that also is an "oversight."Perhaps while she is there they can have her correct the "basic esthetic level" at the same time.

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