Mom buys books for prision


Here is an interesting article from the New Press. A mother of a prisioned man has bought 50 books for a section of the jail that is without them.\"Rocky Graziano, a spokesman for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, said mentally ill inmates are kept out of the jail’s general population for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, isolation meant to protect them also keeps those inmates out of the jail’s library, said Bette Scruggs, an education program coordinator at the jail.\"

\"Gross’ son was released last Monday. After speaking with jail officials, she and her son have spent the past few days buying the books.\"

\"She has requested that the books remain in section 3A, where mentally ill inmates have easy access to them.\"

\"The jail division accepts book donations, but there are restrictions, Scruggs said.\"

\"Inmates cannot have magazines or hardcover books.\"

\"Some inmates will use magazine pages to cover windows. Magazines are available in the common areas, but cannot be taken into living areas.\"

“We don’t allow hardback books because they use them as weapons,” Scruggs said.\"

\"Sexually explicit and violent material is not permitted.\"

\"There is no specific budget for books and library services. The program looks for used books at low prices and to donations to keep the book carts full at the downtown jail and the stockade on Ortiz Avenue.\"

“We’ve got enough romance novels to last until the year 3,000,” Scruggs joked.\"

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