Library Patron Splices Porn onto Videotapes

An unnamed do-it-yourself video-editor has been found responsible for adding pornographic footage (and some non-porn too) to some 200 video tapes owned by the Decatur and Mount Zion libraries in central Illinois.

The perp has been banned from the library for life and has been arrested on preliminary charges of criminal damage to state-supported property and criminal damage to library materials. Here's the sad story.


1. Why would he/she splice stuff on to the end of the videos? Why not just tape over the no-record slot (the one that's got a breakable tab on blank videocassettes) and overwrite the existing video? (Or maybe that's what s/he actually did; it's always been a danger for circulating videocassettes.)

2. Whatever the relative virtues of DVD and VHS, at least this sort of alteration or addition is simply not possible with DVD.

3. The story has an odd "honor among perverts" twist--this wacko didn't mess with children's videos.

[Regarding the subject line: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!]

I'm assuming that the weirdo deliberately spliced porn onto the videos for better shock value. A family sits down to watch a video together and boom! porn shows up after a nice movie experience. Much more satisfying for the weirdo that way. At least he didn't do it in the middle of the film.

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