Few believe e-books will replace paper

CNN has a
Story on The \"Consumer Book
Buying Study 2000\" was sponsored by Publishers
Weekly and organizers of BookExpo America.
It turns out that not only do folks think EBooks are not
ready for prime time, tmost don\'t even know what the
heack they are.

\"The latest Rocket eBook
instrument is very good, better than sitting at your
computer, but it still pales next to the
500-year-old technology of the printed
book,\" said Nora Rawlinson, editor-in-chief of
the industry magazine
Publishers Weekly. \"However, the industry
remains in its infancy and I expect
the technology to improve very soon.\"More from CNN

The publishing industry has invested millions in new
technology over the past
couple of years, but of 1,140 book buyers
questioned, only four said e-books
would replace the paper format. Despite all
the attention given to Stephen
King\'s online novella \"Riding the Bullet,\" only
60 percent were even familiar
with the electronic format.

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