Why NOT Ban Books?

Brian Laughing Librarian Smith thinks that there are some very compelling reaons to ban certain books. Here's his 2004 Banned Books Week Homage.


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I got lost in trying to see the humor in that one. I liked last year's better.

I am a trained cataloger.

But alas I repeat myself...

I appreciate the humor

in this list (I'm not a cataloger, or even a librarian, maybe that's why...). Very funny!

Re:I appreciate the humor

I, too, have to say that I got a few chuckles out of that page, and believe me, that's saying a great deal from someone who's getting ready to drop another "tab" of Percocet!

I think there really is truth in the old saying "laughter is the best medicine". :-)

Re:I appreciate the humor

Shoot, I thought it was funny. I chuckled at the reason for banning Harry Potter.

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