Alternatives to PCs in Libraries


Durst writes "Posted to the Army Librarians list [email protected] --
LIBRARIES across North America are Discovering a Better Solution ...
Linux PR (press release) - Darien,CT,USA

It makes public computing easy and inexpensive for libraries. ... Userful identified the unique challenges that libraries encounter and introduced DiscoverStation. ..."

Comments that for those libraries who are in transition and having to figure out YET ANOTHER WAY to do more with less, the Userful DiscoverStation product may be the answer. Replace single-user, thick-client workstations (each of which has to be managed) with one station connected to 10 monitors and keyboards. It might go a little far in the "hands off, no downloading" arena. But it does keep librarians doing professional things rather than monitoring internet usage. My $0.02.

I thought the books were the alternative to computers. Or better said the PC is the trendy alternative to the library.

Give me a good reference collection over google any day. Authority trumps quantity.

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